Chloe with Sack

We recently moved to a new apartment.  I was worried about the effect on our kitty who is 11 years old and has only lived in our old home.  Well, I put a new Kitty Can’t Cope Sack in three of the four rooms and voila.  A happy kitty playing in his new home.  I can’t get over how well this item works.

I have three cats who do not get along, but Kitty Can’t Cope is the one thing they all agree on, The love it!  It is the only catnip toy that they play with. Good thing it is so durable and the catnip is long lasting.
Cranston RI cat owner

We have purchased your “Kitty Can’t Cope Sack” for 20 years.  All our cats have gone back to your sack again and again.  Just as I purchase a new sack, I still find them going back to the old one.  Our friends get a kick out of your name, “Kitty Can’t Cope.”  This is the only catnip product our cats have liked.  Others only amuse them for a day or two.  Many thanks for your continued work to help cats everywhere.
Nancy Savilonis
Bridgewater, Ma.

We’re from Maine, and used to buy these at the Shaw’s there.  However, we moved to California temporarily, and have found that the so-called catnip toys our here are horrible!  The cats glance at them disinterestedly, and simply walk off. They are NOTHING like the Kitty Can’t Cope Sack.  Even 14 -year old George Kitty goes haywire when she has one, actually going totally airborne herself–usually sideways–after launching the sack into the heavens! I’m so delighted we can order these online.  We have one left in reserve from a trip home last year, but now I can give it to the cats without worrying about having to ask friends back home to run to the store to buy more for us!
Thanks so much for a GREAT product.  The cats thank you, too!
Karina Chapman
Redding, CA and Kennebunkport, ME

Love your product!  Our 2 older boys can’t resist putting the love on their KCCS’s nearly every time they walk by.  And when one of them is in a hoarding mood, it turns into teddy bear wrestling. *poof* *poof*

Rogue is quite the catnip connoisseur, and now he won’t settle for the schwag, he just wants the catnip you so dearly provide.  He meows that it is the good stuff, we have to hide it from him.  He has jumped on the counter and tried opening the cabinets to get to the Kitty can’t cope sack…this is something he never attempted before.  I want you to feel honored.

“I purchased a “Kitty Can’t Cope Sack” for my cat in March ’09, and she still plays with it more than any of her other catnip toys.  It’s not only durable, but long lasting!”