Organic Loose Catnip (Three Pack)


100% organic catnip specifically grown for the Back Bay Pet Company under strict guidelines certified by Quality Assurance International.

Our catnip is grown on organic farms in the United States and packaged in convenient resealable bags. Sprinkle a little on the floor or on your cat’s favorite toys and watch the fun begin!


  1. Hello – I love your products!! But how many ounces is this loose Organic Catnip? And is is $9.75 for 3 packages??
    Thank you,

  2. (verified owner)

    This is the ONLY cat nip my cats care about now! They are hooked and just turn up their noses to any other kind. Muffin Man sits by the cabinet were I keep the cat nip and begs all the time. I live in Largo FL I ‘m having a difficult time finding your brand

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