Kitty Can't Cope Sack


Pure catnip filled toys! Durable 100% cotton and filled with 100% fresh catnip


More About the product

The Kitty Can't Cope Sack is a cat toy that doesn't insult the cat owner, it's a cat owner's cat toy, made in Portland, Maine.

A little about the company

The Back Bay Pet Co. was established in my kitchen in Portland, Maine in the spring of 1991. As a cat owner I have purchased many cat toys, all of them falling apart in days, some within hours of bringing them home, this had inspired me to come up with the idea of making a cat toy that would last.

Our Products

We at the Back Bay Pet Company are in business to provide a fun well-made 100% pure catnip filled toy to satisfy both cats and cat lovers alike. Our Kitty Can’t Cope Sack is made from durable 100% cotton and filled with 100% fresh catnip. We also offer 100% certified organic loose catnip in convenient resealable bags and tubs. Whichever product you choose is sure to provide a great aerobic workout and lots of fun for your favorite feline.