A Few Testimonials From our clients

It is gratifying to receive letters

from cat lovers all over the country that have purchased a Kitty Can’t Cope Sack or had received one as a gift. Each letter is a testimony on how wonderful our toy is and that it’s the only catnip toy their cat(s) will play with. I believe that once you buy the KCCS you too will join in with the hundreds we have heard from, proclaiming that it is the only toy your cats truly enjoy.

Randall Tuttle
President, CEO
Back Bay Pet Company

“Bella loves to sleep with her sack! Selina loves it rubbed, all over her face and neck!” - Jason Cameron

“Kitty savior. Thank you”
Pam Hill
“If you’re looking for a good toy to give your older kitty a bit more energy, highly recommended.”
Rebecca Operhall
“GREAT catnip, my kitty loves it and she is very picky! Right now she's napping after rolling around in her new treat! Thank you!”
Kyle Higgins

“ I picked up a package of your Kitty Can't Cope Sack at the Market Basket in Hudson, NH and I have to tell you that my girls went wild for it! During the night, they did try to tear open the zip lock bag that it comes in so, I did have to put it into another container but, other than that we are loyal customers now.” -Heather Williams Devaney